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We offer 16 fully equipped apartments in the elite settlement Ezerski Lozja on the shore of Ohrid Lake, near Struga. Each apartment has a kitchen with a dining room, toilet and bathroom, one or two bedrooms, and two large terraces. Also available are refrigerator, stove, water heater, television, kitchen utensils for the preparation of daily meals, and eating utensils too. Hygiene is at its’ highest possible level. Apartments are arranged on three floors (four apartments per floor) and the entrance to each apartment is separate. Apartments with four and five beds and two bedrooms are located on the first and second floor, so these apartments are suitable for families with children because they also have more space in the living room. Аpartments on the third floor have one bedroom.

Apartments Nade are located near Hotel EUROTEL and are only about 100m afar from the shore of the Lake or from the nearest beach. In fact, this beach is the first along with the series of beaches on the coastal move “Ezerski Lozja – Struga” where you can enjoy every day so that you do not need a car. At the end of a long and fulfilling day, we expect You in the courtyard in front of the house – on fresh air, a cup of coffee, and chat.


The settlement Ezerski Lozja is just 3km away from Struga and 12km from Ohrid. As usual, there is a straight asphalt road connecting to Struga, but also a walkway beside the Lake leading to Hotel DRIM (the downtown). For those who want a real vacation avoiding the bustle and city congestion, and yet be close to many beaches and dynamic urban environment with diverse entertainment, the place is a great choice. For these reasons, the settlement is suitable for both younger and older.

Apartments can be rented only during the summer holidays.

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Town of Poetry

Struga, the hometown of brothers Miladinovci today is a popular tourist destination and a place of cultural events. Struga Poetry Evenings as a world-class event is an international gathering of poets including the greatest such as Nobel laureates Joseph Brodsky, Pablo Neruda, and others. read more »»